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Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (SAVES)

Small cat getting an ultrasound

Diagnostic Imaging

SAVES uses medical imaging technology to provide the timely and high-quality images needed for the most informed and effective treatment of your pet.

Like humans, animals can benefit from the newest medical imaging technologies during a pet emergency. Veterinary diagnostic imaging allows us to evaluate and diagnose your pet’s condition non-invasively. Bone fractures, GI conditions, foreign bodies, and more can benefit from diagnostic imaging. We will work with you and your primary care veterinarian to provide the diagnostic imaging your pet needs. Our team will explain the process and experience associated with each diagnostic test before it is performed.

Diagnostic Modalities at SAVES:

  • Radiography (X-Rays)

  • Inpatient Abdominal Ultrasounds: Inpatient abdominal ultrasound services are available at SAVES. Ultrasounds are available to patients on Mondays and Saturdays. Patients must be under our care as inpatients to receive this service.

If you are a veterinarian and you would like to transfer a patient or if you have any questions, please give us a call at (603) 306-0007 to discuss before transferring.