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Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (SAVES)

German shepherd looking straight ahead


At SAVES we recognize the value of collaboration with you, your regular veterinarian, and our staff as a comprehensive team for your pet’s care and post-surgical recovery.

Veterinarian and Boy Holding a Dog's Paw

Surgical services are available through our Emergency department. During surgery, your pet is monitored at all times using both modern equipment and experienced human observation. Your pet’s recovery from anesthesia and post-surgical treatment is managed and monitored by our experienced team of veterinary technicians and doctors. Warm cages, heating pads, and human companionship help make your pet comfortable during his or her time at our hospital.

Surgery Services

  • Bladder Stone Removal

  • Cesarean Section

  • Enucleation

  • Exploratory Laparotomy

  • Gastric Dilatation / Volvulus (Bloat)

  • Gastric and Intestinal Foreign Body Removal

  • Intestinal Resection / Anastomosis

  • Pharyngostomy / Esophogostomy / Gastrostomy / Nasogastric

  • Pyometra Surgery

  • Splenectomy

  • Tracheostomy Tube Placement

  • Wound Exploration and Repair

Diagnostic Modalities

Our technicians monitor and provide post-surgical care for all patients. Warm cages, heating pads, and human companionship help make pets comfortable during anesthesia recovery.

Our Veterinary Team